Resort Restaurant Uses Filtration Plant to Purify Its Water

I recently attended a wonderful birthday dinner for a friend of mine at a local destination resort at Pelican Hill golf resort in California. We enjoyed appetizers on the patio and a beautiful sunset, and then were ushered in to an elegant dining room for a four-course gourmet meal with wines to match.

When the server came to my table with chilled water in a stylish, open-neck glass bottle, I did what any water quality expert would do – I asked to see the bottle so I could peruse the contents and learn what types of treatment were used in processing the water.

To my amazement, the server informed me (quite proudly) that the resort bottles its own water and maintains a bottling “plant” on site.

This seems to be the latest in the trend to take control over costs, reduce reliance on plastic (PET) bottles that clog our landfills, and add a touch of self-sufficiency to a high-end dining facility. Everyone at our table was quite impressed with the concept; however, the water was highly purified and lacked in pleasing taste. My guess is that reverse osmosis and filtration technologies were part of the bottling plant, and that we were being treated to water that had been stripped of the majority of its natural mineral content.

Although the water tasted flat, it was definitely clean and highly purified. As a proponent of treating water at the largest possible point of entry that makes sense (whole-house filtration versus under sink filtration, as an example), I was quite impressed with the concept and the forward thinking of resort management. One has to wonder if the resort charges people for the water (I was a grateful guest, so I did not see the bill), and whether they could further please guests by adding back a small amount of minerals to flavor the water like the Dasani brand ( ).

Just as this high-end destination resort took control of their water issues, we must do so in our own homes. So next time you come to my house and I pour you chilled, bottled-quality water from a pretty open-neck glass bottle, be sure to ask me how you can achieve the same results in your house. It is easy to do at a relatively low cost, and you will help to reduce the endless number of plastic bottles we plant in our earth.